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Our goal is to improve your return on the investment in your wind energy project, offering advice and services in:

• Project due diligence, to optimize the placement of your investment resources;
• Technical support for negotiation of the principal contracts, reducing direct costs and risks;
• Pre-construction planning, so as to optimize the entire process;
• Construction management;
• Owner's Engineer, ensuring that deadlines and contractual milestones are observed, reducing cost;
• Post-operational services, in order to optimize the operational efficiency of the project and reduce costs and risks.

  • Elementos assists our partners to obtain success in energy auctions. We prepare and issue technical RFPs to manufacturers, as well as all documentation required to register the project for the auction. We conduct an analysis of proposals received and conduct the first round of negotiation to achieve better competitiveness in the auction. This area of work includes:

    • Preparation and submission of all auction documents;
    • Review of energy production certifications;
    • Support during the auction;
    • Post-auction support including assistance with power purchase agreement signing and related documentation;
    • Operational and interconnection authorizations.

  • Elementos offers comprehensive analyses and customized studies for the energy market investor. The following are some topics of interest:

    • Analysis of the equipment manufacturer, EPC and subcontractor markets.
    • How the auctions work: structure and results analysis
    • Map of wind energy market participants;
    • Wind turbine and solar module suppliers in Brazil;
    • Map of the principal regulatory agencies in Brazil and project permitting path;
    • Free market energy transactions.

  • Elementos’ due diligence services assist potential investors to evaluate a Project’s attractiveness, examining all documentation and major areas of project development and planning, including:

    • Site control documentation
    • Environmental permits
    • Transmission interconnect
    • Wind certification
    • Major project contracts (technical review)
    • Schedules

  • The wind turbine generator supply contract generally represents the most important factor in the project’s economics.
    Our services include:

    • Preparation of technical bid package;
    • Contact with suppliers/bidders and release of bid package;
    • Technical proposal analysis;
    • Financial proposal analysis;
    • Preparation of weighted comparison model;
    • Selection of finalists;
    • Technical analysis of wind turbine supply and O&M contracts offered, with attention to operational issues;
    • Technical support in negotiations with selected supplier(s).

  • • Preparation of technical bid package;
    • Release of bid package;
    • Meetings with suppliers/bidders
    • Technical proposal analysis;
    • Financial proposal analysis;
    • Site visits;
    • Preparation of weighted comparison model;
    • Selection of finalists;
    • Technical upport in negotiations with selected supplier(s).

  • Our inspection services span factories located around the globe as well as at the project site to ensure that the project meets the performance and schedule requirements of the client. The inspection may reveal technical issues that can affect the project schedule.

    To ensure the highest quality of component production, we make regular visits to production facilities. This quality control program begins with a pre-production meeting to establish the inspection scope and the test plan for the relevant components.. We carry out a detailed review of the factory’s quality control procedures, in addition to our standard inspection procedures.

  • We offer a special focus on certain technical points in the due diligence of a project, identifying areas that can significantly affect project cost and/or schedule.

    The following are some examples:

    Wind Turbine Storage: With significant experience in wind turbine storage (both in “free wheel” as well as when dismounted), we review the preservation steps that have been taken for wind turbines in transit or in
    storage. We also have the ability to analyse documentation relative to factory production,transportation, erection and commissioning to identify potential problems.

    Transportation study: We trace the project component supply route from the factory, to the port, and then along the roads that lead to the project, identifying potential obstacles, structural issues and/or permitting needs.

    Insurance: We identify possible “gaps” in insurance coverage that may affect the project.

  • Pro-active involvement during the pre-construction phase can significantly improve project planning, function, and economics. Behind our approach to pre-construction lies the many years of experience of our partners, guaranteeing excellence in our work. This planning includes:

    • Review of Preliminary and Final Project Design Documents
    • Cost formation review
    • Constructability review
    • Physical-financial timeline
    • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
    • Local logistical planning
    • Construction sequencing
    • Pre-qualification of subcontractors
    • Turbine supplier selection
    • EPC/BOP supplier selection

  • We work with the project owner, partners, engineering, and equipment and service suppliers, to achieve maximum benefit for all involved.

    • Construction Planning
    • Construction Supervision
    • Insurance Management
    • Procurement and Contracting
    • Contract Administration
    • Cost Control
    • Management Reports
    • Document Control
    • Project Audit
    • Warranty Management

  • Planning, Design and Control System makes it possible to monitor schedules and updates

    • Visual and graphical display shows project progress
    • System includes:
    • Creation of detailed general physical/financial schedules
    • Schedule monitoring to identify potential delays
    • Analytical Reports
    • Monthly update of physical schedule

  • We offer a project webcam service tailored to your needs.

  • During project operation, our services include:

    • Creation of detailed maintenance plans
    • Establishment of operational procedures for the project, as well as for related transmission facilities
    • Operations Center design
    • Warranty compliance audits

    Our team strives to minimize your project’s O&M costs, while maximizing the operational life and productivity of project equipment.

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