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About us

Elementos’ group of professionals combines a deep knowledge of the wind and solar energy industries with expertise in the deployment of more than 5,000 MW of wind and solar projects around the world, offering differentiated value to our partners and customers.

We provide consulting services in wind energy, ranging from initial due diligence to the support of the operation and maintenance of the project. Our goal, above all, is to improve the return on your investment in your wind project.

In the solar arena, with a large portfolio of utility scale solar projects under development, we seek the best solar sites and good conditions for interconnection, after optimizing the layout and technologies utilized to ensure the project's competitiveness and the best conditions for our investors and partners.

Company Values

1- Relationship and Partnership: We treat all of our stakeholders as key partners and leverage these partnerships to create value. We focus on maintaining long-term relationships with our clients and take the human side of business very seriously.

2- Wisdom: Especially on the consulting side, we are positioned to help our customers make wise decisions at key moments in their projects.

3- Value Creation: We expect and demand significant value creation in everything we do. We only enter into client engagements where we can add a great deal of value for our client. Further, we expect that each partner within Elementos create significant value and we recognize that value creation through the unique structure of our organization. Ours is a pure meritocracy.

4- People leading to Excellence: We have a deep commitment to excellence. The work that we produce must be of the highest quality in the market before being offered to a client. We rely on highly competent people and spend a great deal of our resources sourcing the best people in the market.

5- Initiative and Innovation: We take the initiative to offer innovative solutions to our clients and we promote and recognise initiative and innovation.

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